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Shank size and snap on feet information

Not sure what shank size your sewing machine has? Don't know if our snap-on feet will fit your machine? You will find all the information you need on this page.

Snap-on presser feet

If your machine's feet snap on, you can use all of our snap-on feet.

If your machine's feet screw on, you can still use snap-on feet but you will need to get an adapter:

  • For a high shank machine you need to buy a high shank adapter (you can buy this in our store, see it here: High Shank Snap-On Adapter)
  • Most low shank machines are standard snap-on, but if yours is not, you need to get a low shank adapter. Also all Husqvarna Viking models group 5, 6 and 7 need this adapter to use our presser feet (more info further down this page)
    (you can buy this adapter in our store, see it here: Low Shank Snap-On Adapter)
  • For Bernina machines we have separate adapters in our shop. 
  • Click Here to see - New Style Presser Foot Snap-On Shank for Bernina made after 1996
  • Click Here to see - Old style presser foot snap-on shank for Bernina made before 1996

Not sure which shank type your machine is? Read on! 

Shank Type

There are 3 different common shank types: low shank, high shank and slant shank. Besides those there are also the super high shank (most are Kenmare), Bernina shank and Singer slant shank.

To find out which shank type your machine is, you can watch the following video. Everything is very clearly explained.